kijk:papers 2015 - Warte für Kunst, Kassel / Germany

Many thanks to all participants in kijk:papers 2015, to Hanna Zänker, Sabine Niggemann, Natalie Richter, Daniela Risch, Sarah Pedde, Harvey Benge, Tommaso Tanini, Marco Paltrinieri, Jan Wenzel, Alina Schmuch, Jan Kiesswetter, Lotte Reimann and Sven Lindhorst-Emme for all the great lectures, talks and book launches and to all the visitors who were following our program with so much interest.

Also many thanks to Tokonoma, kafé, Weinbergkrug and especially Wikullil at Frankfurterstrasse
– there’s a great neighbourhood in the south of Kassel!

Special thanks to Melanie Vogel for her heartily welcome at Warte für Kunst and Oliver Leu for his energetic and unresting support! And also thanks to Henriette Kriese!

We had a great time in Kassel!
See you soon,
Katrin Kamrau & Robert Schlotter